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Have a music release looming, you don't know what to do, and procrastination is your best friend? Or any project or idea or goal that could benefit from a sharper focus and a kick in the butt? In a series of coaching sessions we will identify the path, make a plan, and I will hold you accountable. If the thought of that makes you tingle with delight or scares you to death, then you are ready for McFaul Coaching.


You know where you're going and have perhaps been in the game for a long time. Even so, once in a while it's great to have a pro you can turn to with a question, a place to get knowledgeable feedback on your next great idea, an advisor who can help you work through what to do with that troublesome piccolo player who always shows up late and never carries any gear.

Much can be accomplished in a single consult.


Mary McFaul offers a panoply of services useful to the musician and helpful to a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

A partial list includes:

-Writing (Bio, PR, 1 sheet, etc)


-Web / Social Media Review

-Office Organization

-eBay Sales

-Et Cetera

If you have need of a service not listed here, contact me.

I can help.



I have worked in the business of music since the mid 1970s. I started producing concerts in my 20s and met dozens of musicians. They kept asking me to be their manager. I didn't know what that was at the time but it sounded important and fun and they really wanted it, so I said yes. And I found out what managing an artist is. Because there weren't any booking agents around that wanted to handle my artists, I also took on scheduling their concerts and tours. And because no one had enough money at the time to hire a proper publicist, I did that, too. Along the way I helped produce records, co-wrote a few songs, designed and implemented merchandise campaigns, worked radio and print media, negotiated major and minor label recording contracts, and gracefully weathered the transitions from vinyl to CD to digital sales. I'm still learning.

We can do it together.

A partial list of artists I have managed, booked, advised or commiserated with includes:

Laura Love • Vicci Martinez • Ranch Romance • Uncle Bonsai Barbara Lamb • Jo Miller • Catie Curtis • Ferron • Big Bad Gina  Del Rey • Orville Johnson • Rod Cook • Woody Simmons


Let's Talk

Send me a quick note telling me your concerns and what is lighting you up today,  I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have a great day.


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